"The whistle"

Directed by Adil Abdolmajeed Yusf

“The whistle” - Best Director Short Film
Directed by Adil Abdolmajeed Yusf

Why do you make films?

Because cinema is a global language and we understand each other in that language.

What kind of films inspired you as a director?

Cinema style and style I like more than symbolic films.

What genre of filmmaking fascinates you as a filmmaker and why?

I said symbols for two reasons, symbols mean worldview, the other is that if it is a symbol, there is little dialogue in cinema.

What are your overall career goals and what’s next?

The goal is man. If cinema is not for people and does not create subjects for people's misery, what else? Everything for the sake of man, life, cinema makes that fantasy come true.

Do you believe that art unites people?

Yes, I believe that the greatest bridge is cinema.

Do you recommend film schools or does making a film teach you more?

I don't like frames. I want to work freely in the space of this universe.

What is your next film project and what are you currently working on?

The next project is the story of a Christian girl at the hands of ISIS.

What are the films or people that had impacts on you and deeply inspired you to become a filmmaker?

About my real influence I graduated from drama college and theater has influenced me a lot. I constantly study novels and I write stories and books. I am always busy studying and writing in the world of literature and art , Hugo, Brecht. And hundreds of other writers if I become a director.

Adil Abdolmajeed Yusf