"Round Round Round"

Directed by Nicolas Monfort

“Round Round Round” - Best Experimental Short Film
Directed by Nicolas Monfort (photo credit : Marc Haine)

Give some more information about yourself and the projects you have made so far, about your experience?

I've started making films right after studying at the university (I've studied literature and screenwriting) while working for film festivals. Since then I've made around 20 short films and 20 music videos, mostly no- or low-budget, which I direct solo or co-direct. I also write, edit, or make VFX and even act for other people's films.  I don't have time to work for film festivals anymore. Right now I'm developing more ambitious projects (I'm in the process of editing a feature film I've written but not directed). As a hobby, I also write literature (short stories and poetry).

Let us more about your experience in this project?

There was this fairly new section in the Belgian Film Commission which finance experimental cinema and after submitting two very smart and very dear to my heart projects and being flatly rejected, I decided for the next deadline to go minimum effort and all out silly. I got carried away, got the funding anyway and the result is this poetic, surrealistic and experimental piece of work, Round Round Round.

What was it like to work with your team?

I sent Chazam the text and he made the music and the vocals long before I even started with the images. The result was mind-blowing on the first try. I then procrastinated until I almost had to reimburse the funding, called a friend for a little help with the very specific graphics for one sequence (the saucepans and the bridges) and called another one for last minute sound design, and voilà!

How long was the shoot and what were the main challenges on the set?

No shooting, no set, just me and my computer.

Still from "Round Round Round"

For you what was the biggest lesson you had to learn after making this film?

"DON'T PROCRASTINATE ! It's fun to do ! It will be all right !" Unfortunately, it's a lesson I learn with every film but I keep forgetting it.

Nicolas Monfort at work
Nicolas Monfort acting, on the set of "Entre quatre planches" dir : Yragael Gautier (2017)
Nicolas Monfort on the set of his short film "Life Goes On" (2019)

What budget did you have and how did it affect the production?

I had a little budget which allowed me to pay the team and myself but also sent it to festivals. All the money is long gone and my festival budget comes from my own pocket now.

Do you have any advice for newcomers?

Don't engage in a filmmaking career. Or do it. I never can tell which is the good advice.

Nicolas Monfort