“On The Waves of Ukrainian Music”
Directed by Olena Tumanska
“On The Waves of Ukrainian Music” - Best Music Video; Best Costume Design Directed by Olena Tumanska

Tell us about the creation of this project.

The goal was to make a film about Ukrainian music, which would show the audience the beauty of Ukrainian music, help them learn the history of Ukrainian music traditions in an entertaining way.

Are you happy with the final result or would you change something?

Yes, I am happy. The film turned out to be what I wanted it to be - full of melodious songs, Ukrainian national costumes and interesting facts about the history of Ukrainian music.

How long was the shoot and what were the main challenges on the set?

The main challenge was the pandemic with its restrictions. At first, we planned this film to be in a concert format, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were not allowed to have big gatherings, in our case a concert. So, I came up with the idea to make it all happen in a studio of a radio station. The film host portrays a role of a radio host, playing Ukrainian music, while other people in this movie are listening to it with enjoyment. The host of this radio station is a famous artist Vasili Popaduk, who is considered to be a second Paganini. He is a Ukrainian musician, who now lives and works in Canada. For this film, we found world-renowned artists, singers and musicians, here in Canada, who have Ukrainian roots, and they agreed to participate in our film. We were happy to work with Miroslava Solovyanenko, a famous Ukrainian singer, who lives in Canada now. With her help we managed to organize all this.

The Filming period was about 2 months, as choosing the filming days was dependent on good weather.

What impact do you expect to have with this project?

I hope that all Ukrainian immigrants, no matter where their lives took them, do not forget where they come from, do not forget about Ukrainian music, traditions. I hope that they learn the history of their homeland as our roots are what support us and make us stronger.

Do you believe that art unites people?

There are many things in this world that can unite people together, and one of them is definitely art.

What did it mean for you, to be awarded in ONYKO FILMS AWARDS, among so many projects?

It is a big honour to be a winner at the ONYKO FILMS AWARDS, first of all, because it is always great to know your hard work is recognized by others, and secondly, knowing, that ONYKO FILMS AWARDS is a Ukrainian film festival makes me feel even more honoured.

What are your overall career goals and what’s next?

Currently, I am finishing a drama series YES YOU CAN and starting working on my next project called Ukrainian Mother, War 2022-ongoing.

Olena Tumanska