Onyko Films is a team of young and experienced people who have devoted their lives to cinema. People who live in films, think about films and see films around.


YURII ONYSHCHENKO - director and producer. His works are internationally recognized. Regularly shown in many countries of the world. Has international awards.

ANATOLII ANATOLIEV - screenwriter. He is well versed in drama. His work has been screened more than once and were successful.

OLEKSANDR SAMSON - award winning sound director, sound mixer and foley artist.

OLEKSANDR KASIANOV - cinematographer. He has extensive experience as an operator and director of photography / cinematography and as a chief lighting technician.

MAX TROOBNIKOV - musician and composer. The leader of the fol-rock band "Druzhe Muzyko". The author of many songs and music.

TAISIIA BIZINA - professional newborn and event photographer since 2009. Has international awards.